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Your Spare Change Matters

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Since 2006, members of the Sherwood Oaks family have donated almost $36,000 in spare change to the CPC/Hannah House. Are you wondering why we do the change bottle collection at Sherwood Oaks every year in collaboration with the CPC? Ann Collins, the Director of Development that CPC, says it's important for many reasons.

"We usually distribute 800+ bottles each year at Sherwood Oaks. Several other churches have shied away from this awareness builder and fundraiser because they have so many other activities and other mission priorities. We are aware that it does take effort and time with the church staff and the church families. We are always thinking of other ways to get families involved together.

The financial help from the baby bottles is near to our heart for several reasons. We all feel passionate here at the CPC to get all our children engaged in giving. Since we are all parents, we believe this is a fun and effective way to teach our children. It also means a lot to us because, someone might think that a bottle of change (or $10 per month) can't make a difference, but it does! Each bottle together works out to be a significant amount. This amount helps us provide counseling, diapers and formula, bible teaching in children's place, financial assistance to families that may have to turn the utilities off even though they have small children or babies.

We also provide Hope and spiritual counseling as well. We provide options to those couples that are leaning toward abortion, because they can't afford another child.  We have post abortion support groups, and parenting classes. These classes are important because if we save a child from abortion and then they are abused by their parents, we haven't done enough."

Still have a baby bottle to return? Drop it off at the kiosk in the foyer on November 2 or drop them off at the CPC. While at the CPC, as them for a tour of the facility and the services they provide. 

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