Matt Limbrick

Outgoing. Creative. Sincere.

Matt joined the Sherwood Oaks staff in October 2017 as the Live Production Director. He transitioned to High School Minister in January 2022. He and wife, Vanessa, have three daughters; Cosette Hope, Amelia Grace and Marvel Joy.

When Matt isn't ministering to students and families in our community and congregation, you'll find him helping his wife with her most recent house project or out fishing in one of the amazing lakes around Bloomington.

Matt loves the opportunities he has to invest in the students and leaders to connect and disciple them to have a personal relationship with Jesus that is evident in every area of their life. 

Matt loves all things wrestling and even wrestling with his girls. However, they have learned to team up and attack him often at home. He's tried to convince them to join in his love for music and play instruments, but they're more interested in coming up with their own wrestling entrances....

Favorite Verse: Hebrews 10:36