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Sherwood Oaks Christian Church embraces the posture of Jesus and humbly come alongside those affected by racism while doing our part to facilitate a non-violent and constructive end to racism, which has no place in the Kingdom of God or His people. As a church, we want to help facilitate the discussion of how all of us can be and do better, which must begin with listening and learning before speaking and teaching. If you want to join us, one place to start is by going to

The Race and Reconciliation Task Force

Given our commitment to Biblical justice, specifically in regards to racial issues, a group of Sherwood Oaks members formed this past summer as divisive sentiments on racial matters began to find their way into the American church. This team is made up of congregants, staff and elders, a diverse group of men and women with different backgrounds, professions and experiences. They are prayerfully exploring how Sherwood Oaks will be faithful in God’s call for His church to be “…the light of the world. A city on the hill… (Matt. 5:14)” in matters of racial reconciliation.

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The Third Option faith-based similarity training with Miles McPherson this fall!

Join us on Wednesday nights starting September 7 through October 12 from 6:00-7:30pm at Sherwood Oaks East.

  • Six weeks of interactive video and discussion with your peers.
  • Practical tips on reframing our views, communication and actions toward others.
  • Helpful insights on unity and reconciliation within our faith communities, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Books and study guides available at the Serve kiosk in the East main foyer.

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Purpose:  The purpose of the Racial Reconciliation Task Force is to set the course for awareness, education and community initiatives through which the Sherwood Oaks family will become more effective at loving our neighbors, identifying and rejecting racial bias and systemic racism, and creating space for conversations that will help us to take Jesus’ posture on racism and racial reconciliation. 

Biblical Perspective:  Conversations on racism will be based on biblical teachings.  Because much of the cultural discourse uses terms that define current ideas and interpretations of racial issues, the material includes some reference to these concepts as a basis for mutual understanding and discussion.

The task force will also offer opportunities to the Sherwood Oaks family to explore our cultural identities and strategies to accept and appreciate all individuals and ‘ethnos’ as created in God’s image. This will take some work, looking at our individual and corporate pasts to identifying attitudes that foster prejudice, discrimination, or inequality among us. 

Racial Reconciliation Workshop I:

Racial Reconciliation Workshop III

Other Recommended Resources:

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