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    CYA Refugee Crisis #1

    04.19.16 | cya

    Let's talk about the refugee crisis happening around the world. The Bible says you should love your neighbor as yourself. Now, replace the word neighbor with the word refugee.  “Love refugees as yourself.” What do you think of...

      CYA Refugee Crisis #2

      04.19.16 | cya

      Relevant Magazine recently released a story on the Refugee Crisis and how Christians should react. Read the Story

        CYA Refugee Crisis #3

        04.19.16 | cya

        Now that you've discussed the quote and read the article about the refugee crisis, take the time to answer these questions: Do you think we should welcome refugees into our country? Why/why not? Matthew 25:25-36 encourages us to “invite...

          The Listening Life

          04.12.16 | by Janet Wingard

          Until recently, if you had asked me to rate my listening skills, I would have given myself a high mark. I generally remember conversations and facts that I hear. And when I’m listening to someone, I know to look them in the eye, and lean...

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