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    Month Seven

    03.25.16 | the middle, Student Ministry Parent Training

    Dear Parents, This month we are going to talk about harnessing the Power of an Apology. Teenagers learn by watching their parent’s example more than anything else. There is no better way to teach your teenager important life skills than...

      Month Twelve

      03.25.16 | Student Ministry Parent Training

      Month Twelve Dear Parent, One of the hardest things in the world to do is to respond to your teen as they are throwing an attitude instead of reacting to them. What’s the difference? Well, reacting is based on emotion which we all...

        Month Eleven

        03.25.16 | Student Ministry Parent Training

        Month Eleven Dear Parent, This month our focus is on valuing our teens in order to teach them how to take pride in who they are and what they can accomplish. Your teenager lives in a “today” world and doesn’t much think...

          Month Ten

          03.25.16 | Student Ministry Parent Training

          Month Ten Dear Parent, The phrase for this month that we are focusing on is “on purpose.” There are so many things that we give priority to and make sure that we are intentional about. Is spending time with your teenager one of...

            Month Nine

            03.25.16 | Student Ministry Parent Training

              Month Nine Dear Parents, What is a baked potato without a steak? French fries without a juicy hamburger? Salad dressing without a salad (for those healthy eaters)? It is incomplete and somehow lacking. The same goes for the spiritual...

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