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Sherwood Kids! Teachable Moments

    Every Monday, SK! publishes a short devotional called "Teachable Moments." These devotionals are designed to generate conversations in your home that will help you shepherd your child and his or her relationship with Jesus. Check them out below!

    June Week 1

    1) Read a children's book and talk about the difference between a comma and a period.
    2) Read John 11:1-45.
    3) When did Mary and Martha put a "period" where God put a "comma?" When have you put a "period" where God has put a "comma?"

    May Week 4

    1) Talk about the order you see around you.
    2) Read Genesis 1.
    3) God brings order to chaos and wants us to do the same. How will you join God in bringing order into the world this week?

    May Week 3

    1) Talk about the birds and flowers that you see around you.
    2) Read Matthew 6:25-36.
    3) What does seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness first look like for you this week?

    May Week 2

    1) How do you know when God is at work in your and around you?
    2) Read Galatians 16-26.
    3) Share some examples of God's work in your family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    May Week 1

    1) What are some things that are important to you?
    2) Read Luke 10:25-37.
    3) What are some things that are important to God?

    April Week 4

    1) What work are you doing this week? (school, play, chores, job, etc.)
    2) Read Colossians 3:23-24
    3) How does "working for God" change the way you work?

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