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Steps with a Savior - John 1

Read John 1.

Study Questions:

  1. How did John describe Jesus?
  2. What does this passage teach about John the Baptist?
  3. How do we become God's children?
  4. What did John do to encourage people to focus on Jesus instead of himself?
  5. How did Andrew, John, Simon, Philip, and Nathanael respond to John the Baptist's testimony about Jesus?

Questions and Activities for Kids and Families

  • Reflect: John the Baptist came to tell others that Jesus was coming! In verses 1-9 we see Jesus referred to as the "Light" of the world.
  • Ask: What other words are used to describe Jesus in Chapter 1? (Word, Light, Lamb, Rabbi, Messiah, Christ, Son of God, King of Israel, Son of Man)
  • Activity: Choose one of the above descriptions of Jesus and bring it to life through a picture or craft! For example, if you choose "Light" you could draw a picture with white or yellow crayons on black paper.

Student Questions:

  • Why was John the Baptist so important? (1:6)
  • Why did the religious leaders question John the Baptist (1:19-23)?
  • What did the spirit (coming) down from heaven as a dove mean in connection with Jesus? (1:32)

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