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Steps with Our Savior -John 16

    Read John 16.

    Adult Questions:

    • Why can people who believe in Jesus expect to be persecuted?
    • What will the Helper do for unbelievers?
    • What will the Spirit of truth do for believers after Jesus goes back to heaven?
    • How did the disciples react to Jesus' teaching about his going away?
    • What does it mean to ask in Jesus' name?
    • Why can Jesus' followers be sure of having peace?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus tells his followers that soon they will be in danger for knowing him and following him. He reminds them that he HAS to die so he can send the Holy Spirit to live in them (and us). He tells them that he will leave soon and sorrow will come, but JOY will follow. This is true in life and hope is what helps us through tough times.
    • Ask: What does John 16:33 mean to you? How does knowing he is an overcomer give you hope?
    • Activity: Make a list with two columns. On the left, name some things that are hard for you. On the right, write a prayer asking Jesus to help you overcome and trust HIM when he says he will give you what you ask in his name.


    • How can we have peace while facing trouble? (16:33)

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