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Steps with our Savior - John 10

Read John 10.

Adult Questions:

  • Who are the sheep?
  • Who is the shepherd?
  • Who are the thieves and robbers?
  • In what ways is Jesus the model shepherd?
  • How is Jesus the Gate?
  • Why do people-sheep follow Jesus?

Sherwood Kids:

  • Reflect: Jesus uses a metaphor about sheep in this chapter. Look again at verses 14-15.
  • Ask: Who are the sheep Jesus refers to? What does Jesus mean when He says He lays down His life for His sheep?
  • Activity: “Hide and Sheep” –One player is the “Shepherd,” and all other players are the “Sheep.” The Sheep find good hiding places, and the Shepherd tries to find them. When a sheep is found, that sheep will join with the Shepherd in finding the rest of the sheep.


  • Why couldn’t people understand Jesus’ figures of speech? (10:6)
  • What’s the difference between a shepherd and a hired hand? (10:11-13)

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