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Steps with our Savior - John 12

    Read John 12.

    Adult Questions:

    • What did Mary do for Jesus? Why?
    • How did Judas respond to her action? Why?
    • How did the crowd greet Jesus when he entered Jerusalem?
    • What was significant about how he entered the city?
    • What did Jesus teach about losing our lives?
    • Why didn't many of the Jewish people believe in Jesus?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: We read Martha was criticized by Judas for anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume, but praised by Jesus helping him prepare for burial. Then, Jesus enters Jerusalem like a king on what we celebrate as Palm Sunday as crowds cheer and shout, “Hosanna!” Many believe but many also doubt because they want their kingdom NOW.

    • Ask: What kingdom was Jesus pronouncing was near? Why did people doubt he was the Messiah? Where is Jesus’ kingdom?

    • Activity: Draw palm branch and write Jesus’ words, “But this is the very reason I came!” (verse 27). Pray and thank Jesus for these words as he knew he was about to die for you and me.


    • How expensive was the nard? (12:3-5)
    • Why was the perfume intended for Jesus’ burial? (12:7)

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