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Steps with our Savior - John 13

    Read John 13:

    Adult Questions:

    • What role did Jesus take during the Passover dinner with his disciples? Why?
    • How did Jesus handle Peter's protest against getting his feet washed?
    • What did Jesus teach by washing his disciples' feet?
    • How did the disciples react to Jesus' announcement that one of them would betray him?
    • What did Jesus say would be the mark of his followers?
    • What did Jesus predict about Peter?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus humbles himself and washes his disciples feet while many disciples protest that they should be washing his. He is teaching them (and us) our purpose on Earth is to serve others. He then predicts Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial.
    • Ask: Why did Jesus not try to stop Judas? Why didn’t Jesus explain to Peter how he would be tempted to deny knowing Jesus? How can you serve others today?
    • Activity: Think of something you might “give to” or “do for” others that would be serving them. Make a blessing bag to keep in the car when you see someone in need.


    • Was Judas or the devil responsible for betraying Jesus? (13:2)
    • Why was it necessary for Peter to allow Jesus to wash his feet? (13:8)?

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