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Steps with our Savior - John 14

    Read John 14.

    Adult Questions:

    • What two things will Jesus do after he leaves this earth?
    • How did Jesus describe himself to Thomas?
    • In what ways will Jesus' followers do greater works than he did?
    • How do we prove that we love Jesus?
    • Who did Jesus say he would send when he went back to heaven?
    • What kind of peace does Jesus give his followers?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus explains to his follower that he will be leaving them to prepare a room for them in his father’s kingdom. They don’t fully understand what he is saying or where he is going. He helps them understand HE IS GOD! Reread verse 12-14 and discuss what Jesus says about US. Jesus then promises the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us. Verse 30-31 remind us Satan has no power over Jesus, and Jesus is willingly ready to die for us.
    • Ask: What is an area where you need to trust Jesus’ promise that you can do “even greater works” than he did? How can we do works like Jesus?
    • Activity: Draw a picture of a compass. Draw a compass arrow with the word Jesus on it pointing up. Write God above the arrow on the top of the compass reminding you that Jesus points us to God. Pray and thank Jesus for his heart when he said “I will do what the father requires of me.”


    • How can we be sure that a teaching is from the Holy Spirit? (14:26)
    • Who is the princes of this world? (14:30)

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