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Steps with our Savior - John 15

    Read John 15.

    Adult Questions:

    • What natural object did Jesus use to describe his relationship with his disciples?
    • When we abide in Jesus, what do we produce?
    • What does God do to be sure we are productive?
    • Why did Jesus call his disciples friends?
    • What did Jesus tell his disciples to expect after he was gone?


    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus uses a parable of a gardener and a grapevine to explain his relationship with God and our relationship with him. He explains to us that we are the branches and he has pruned us, and if we remain in him we will be fruitful and our joy will overflow to help others around us. He shows us what being selfless looks like and the importance of sacrificing for others. He calls us to be different than the world.
    • Ask: What was Jesus’ commandment in verse 12? How can we “lay down one’s life for one’s friends?” What does it mean to you that Jesus calls you his friend?
    • Activity: “Play” with Jesus today. Do an activity you love imagining he is sitting with you doing it too. Talk to him like a friend!


    • What can we do to remain in Jesus? (15:4-5)
    • Can we ask for whatever we want? (15:7)
    • What if we don’t feel love for someone? (15:12-14, 17)

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