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Steps with our Savior - John 19

    Read John 19.

    Adult Questions:

    • How did the soldiers mock Jesus?
    • What arguments did the Jewish leaders use to convince Pilate that Jesus should die?
    • Where did Pilate's power come from?
    • How did Pilate identify Jesus when he was on the cross?
    • What did Jesus do for his mother before he died?
    • Who took care of Jesus' burial, and what did they do with his body?

    Sherwood Kids:

    • Reflect: Jesus was mocked, beaten, falsely sentenced, and put to death by the Jewish leaders. Pilate reluctantly gave them authority to crucify him. He was nailed to a cross, died, and was buried in a tomb. John records some great words/phrases that Jesus used during this time (verse 27, 28, 30).
    • Ask: What do you think Jesus meant by, “It is finished!”? Was it a cry of defeat or a cry of victory? Do you think the religious leaders could have ever imagined over 2,000 years later we would call this day Good Friday (but for the opposite reason)?
    • Activity: Jesus died this day for our sins. Make a list of some sins you need to give to Jesus. NO ONE needs to see them…then, pray and crumble up the paper asking God to forgive you, and throw it away.


    • Was Pilate demonstrating faith in Jesus? (19:19-22)

    • How did breaking the legs accelerate death? (19:31)

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