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Steps with our Savior - John 2

Read John 2.

Adult Questions:

  • Why did Jesus' mother ask him to make something when the wine was gone?
  • How did he respond to her request?
  • Why did Jesus perform this miracle?
  • What did Jesus do when he saw the scene at the temple? Why?

Sherwood Kids Question & Activities

  • Reflect: In Chapter 2 we read about Jesus' first miracle - turning water into wine. Read verses 11 and 23 again.
  • Ask: Why do you think it was easier for the disciples and others to believe in Jesus after witnessing His miracles?
  • Activity: Make a fancy drink together as a family - maybe a fruit smoothie, sparkling punch, or lemonade! Talk about how awesome it must have been to witness Jesus' first miracle.

Student Questions:

  • Was Jesus being rude to his mother by calling her woman? (2:4)?
  • What hour was Jesus waiting for? (2:4)?

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