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Steps with our Savior - John 4

Read John 4.

Adult Questions:

  • What was unusual about Jesus' stop in Samaria?
  • What did Jesus teach the Samaritan woman in their conversation?
  • How did the woman respond to Jesus' teaching?
  • What lessons did Jesus teach his disciples when they returned after his conversation with the woman?
  • How did the Samaritan woman influence others after she believed in Jesus?

Sherwood Kids:

  • Reflect: Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well changed her life! He knew her, He spoke to her even though others wouldn’t, and He told her about the living water. Read verse 39 again. Because of the woman’s testimony (her story of an experience with Jesus) other people believed in Jesus!
  • Ask: What are some good things God has done for you? These stories of how Jesus has changed your life or blessed you with good things is part of your testimony! How can sharing your testimony with others help them believe in Jesus?
  • Activity: Using items you already have in your home, like a cup and scraps of paper, make a WELL and WATER DROPS. On each water drop, write a blessing or gift that God has given you. Fill up your well with the water drops, and thank God for your blessings!


  • What was wrong between Jews and Samaritans? (4:9) -How do we worship in spirit and in truth? (4:24)

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