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Steps with our Savior - John 7

Read John 7.

Adult Questions:

  • What problem did Jesus have with his brothers? Why?
  • Who did people think Jesus was?
  • Why where the Jewish people so divided on who Jesus was?
  • How can we know that Jesus' teachings are true?
  • What is significant about Jesus' speech on the last day of Tabernacles?
  • Why did Nicodemus stand up for Jesus before the Pharisees?

Sherwood Kids:

  • Reflect: At this point in the story, Jesus has said who He is and who sent Him. He has performed miracles, yet so people many still don’t believe. The Pharisees and Jewish leaders are trying to find a reason to arrest Him because they believe He is telling lies.

  • Ask: Do you ever have a hard time believing Jesus is who He says He is? What does Christ mean?

  • Activity: Spend some time in prayer praising Jesus for who He is. If you’re struggling with that, pray that Jesus would help your unbelief and reveal Himself to you!


  • What was the Festival of Tabernacles? (7:2)

  • Why did the Jewish leaders plot to kill Jesus? (7:19, 25)

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