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Steps with the Savior - John 5

Read John 5.


  • Why was the crowd of sick people gathered at the Pool of Bethesda?
  • Why did Jesus ask the man at the pool if he wanted to be healed?
  • How did Jesus heal him?
  • Why were the Jewish leaders upset about the healing?
  • Why did Jesus later seek out the healed man?
  • What claims did Jesus make to support his deity?

Sherwood Kids:

  • Reflect: Take a second look at verses 5-9, and verse 14. Here we see Jesus showing compassion to the sick man and healing him in two different ways. He heals him physically – the man can get right up and walk! He also heals him spiritually by encouraging him to turn away from his sins.
  • Ask: How does it make you feel knowing that God not only cares about your physical healing, but also your spiritual healing? What does sin mean, and why does Jesus want us to turn away from our sins?
  • Activity: Band-Aid Art: Make an art piece that reminds you that Jesus is our healer. You can use actual band-aids to decorate your craft, or you can draw a picture of a band-aid.


  • Why was Jesus accused of blasphemy? (5:17-18)
  • Is Jesus powerless on His own? (5:19)

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