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Please visit the Welcome Center and introduce yourself! We'd love to get to know you and answer any questions you might have and pick up a gift from us.

We would be happy to guide you through everything you might need to know while attending Sherwood Oaks Bloomington West, especially during the current health crisis.

West Campus Transition FAQs

If you have specific questions, email us:  

Over the next three months you will see the name and visual identity of our church transition from Sherwood Oaks West to Westside Community Church. We are excited to be able to introduce ourselves to the community on July 1 as a new self-supporting and self-governing church, made possible through the love, prayers, and support of our Sherwood Oaks Christian Church family.

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Recently, Neal Daunhauer sat down with Mike Richardson to talk about the upcoming transition and answer some questions along the way. Here are the videos of their conversation together. 

Video 1: The History of the West Campus

Video 2: The Needs for the Future

Video 3: The Campaign and Helping West Launch

What is the timeline for the launch of this new congregation?

We are working to launch the new congregation on July 1, 2022. Many decisions are currently in process to make this happen.

Will this new church have a new name and what is it?

Yes. The name of the new church is Westside Community Church.

Will this new church be a Christian Church?

Yes. It is our desire to continue in the same Christian tradition as Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, characterized by weekly communion, believer’s baptism by immersion, Biblical Eldership among other core beliefs.

Where will the new church be located?

Currently, this new church will continue to meet at the Amvets building. They are currently looking to purchase land and build a new facility (please see the above map for the location of that land). The timeline of the land purchase and construction is too fluid to share at this point but we will communicate that timeline as soon as it becomes known. 

Will this new church have an eldership and who are those elders?

This new congregation will be self-governed by an eldership in the same way that Sherwood Oaks Christian Church is. The new church family will have an opportunity to affirm  their first elders during an upcoming congregational meeting.

How will this new congregation be governed?

This new church will be governed by bylaws and policies similar in many respects to Sherwood Oaks Christian Church.

Is Sherwood Oaks financially supporting this new church into the future?

We have tracked the giving/spending at our West campus for a while and they are consistently meeting their financial needs. We are confident in their ability to financially support this new church, including any additional expenses required for no longer being a campus of Sherwood Oaks.

Will Bedford follow the same path as West and one day become an autonomous, self-governing congregation?

We still believe that campuses are a viable way for us to reach people with the hope of the Gospel and help them know, love, and follow Jesus. We are not abandoning our multisite mission. However, if it becomes apparent that a campus (Bedford or a future location), a community, and the Kingdom of God is better served by an autonomous, self-governing church, then we will do whatever it takes to get out of the way and let the Spirit lead. Some indicators that led us to this decision at West will also guide our decision-making process in the future. These include: 1) A healthy ministry that is shaped by the DNA of Sherwood Oaks, but also unique in many ways. 2) Strong leadership throughout their ministries, including potential elders who are ready to serve and lead. 3) Financial solvency and strength.

Who is paying for the land and new building?

A capital campaign, led by this new church, is currently being organized and will launch soon to begin raising funds for the land and facility to be built on it. As the sending Church, Sherwood Oaks is challenging all members to give generously to their campaign above and beyond their normal giving to help this new church and their capital campaign start strong. We believe the growth happening on the West side of Bloomington and the ministry potential that exists there is worthy of our financial support, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord provides for this new church through all of our Sherwood Oaks locations. 

Is Sherwood Oaks going into debt to pay for the land and/or facility of this new church?

No. We remain committed at Sherwood Oaks to stay debt free. This new church, however, may determine (as Sherwood Oaks once did) that taking on a reasonable and responsible amount of debt may be necessary for them to build a facility. Any debt incurred will be by the new church, though, and not Sherwood Oaks.

Will there be a vote for the land purchase?

Since Sherwood Oaks is not purchasing the land, a vote is not required. However, per their bylaws, this new church may require a vote from their congregation prior to any official purchase.


We love middle and high school students and the impact they are making in Bloomington and around the world. Contact Hannah at   for more information.

Middle School meets at 11:00am on Sundays and High School meets at 7:00pm.


Week 33 Core 52 - John 3:16 - Sherwood Oaks West - Cary Curry

Apr 24, 2022 | Cary Curry

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