College and Young Adult

Welcome to Bloomington! We love our college students and young adults and think they are a great addition to the Sherwood Oaks family. Whether you are a freshman away from home for the first time, a recent graduate ready to start a career, or a young adult already in the workforce, Bloomington is a great place to live, study and work.

Check out the following three areas we have for college and young adults.


Sunday CYA 11am Class

Sunday Mornings at 11:00am in Room 362

Interested in those difficult topics that aren’t always talked about in church?  Gender roles, racial reconciliation, politics and religion… Bring your perspectives, your hearts and humility as you share with, and learn from others.  We are looking to journey together as we look at Scripture and the Church, as we seek to put on display the Way of Jesus in every arena of our lives.

Undergrad Life Group

Interested in connecting with other 18- early 20 somethings who are committed to growing relationships through meeting, studying and serving together?  Contact about getting connected!

Young Professionals and 20 Somethings Small Groups

Our young professionals and 20-somethings group focuses their studies on practical Bible application through Q&A and open discussion over each week’s scripture. If you’re a young professional or student and you’re looking for some new friends and Christian fellowship, we’d love to meet you! We currently have one small group. See below for meeting times and leader contact info. 

Wednesday, 7:15pm: Joel ( )

Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are 10 to 14 people sharing life, caring for, growing, serving and studying God's word together.

Core Values:

Build Relationships

Relationships are important to Life Groups as Jesus demonstrated it as a priority in his life. Jesus spent a tremendous amount of time getting to know his disciples and followers in the common places of life.

Serve Others

Service should be about demonstrating God's love for others whether believer or not.

Grow Spiritually

Spiritual growth is important to Life Groups as it is a direct result of obeying Jesus' first, greatest commandment to us: to love the Lord our God with all our heart soul and mind.

Join a Life Group

Are you ready to join a group where friends become family through Bible study, fellowship, community service, prayer and experiencing life together?

Please fill out this form below to help us get you connected with the group that best fits your life stage. Or feel free to email   for more info or help on the next step.

Life Groups Interest Form

Lead a Life Group

Life Groups need strong leadership to help guide and grow this ministry. We set up training and support tools to help you develop as a leader. The Life Groups Core Team is also in place to provide support, coaching and advice to help you create a successful environment for your new Life Group.

Are you interested in taking the next step in leading a Life Group? Email   or call Steve Dyer 908.656.4076 for more info.

Life Coaching Network

This is a one on one conversation for college students looking for a listening ear and advice from an individual who is further down the road of life.  We do our best to connect gifts and experiences of our Coaches to the unique challenges and the paths each student is traveling. 

If you’re a student interested in meeting up with a life coach, click here.

If you’re an individual interested in coaching college students, click here.

Got questions? Click  .

Adopt a Student

We are a network of families and college students who have been paired up to share life together.  Our host families love the energy college students bring into their homes, while the students love experiencing family life as a break from campus life.  Families simply invite students into normal life events whether that is a meal, a ball game or anything else.  This network has brought much joy to both the families and students who have participated.

If you’re a student interested in joining a family, click here.

If you’re a family interested in hosting students, click here.

Got questions? Click  .

Serving and Experience

Fundraising Opportunities for Mission Trips

It’s never too soon to start thinking about 2016 Missions trips! Our college age students have an opportunity to raise some money to go toward a future mission trip.


Childcare Workers Needed at Parent's Night Out

Here’s how it works:
Overview: Those who serve at a Parents’ Night Out (PNO) will receive $50 that will go directly into their own personal “missions account. All the donations received during the event will be equally divided among those who serve, and it will be deposited directly into their accounts.

Registration: The deadline for registrations will be 8 days before the day of the event. Email Cheryl at  to register.

Times: The PNO lasts from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Leaders need to arrive at 4:30pm to attend a brief training. They also need to stay until approximately 8:45pm to help clean up.

PNO Dates for 2015-2016:
December 11, 2015
February 12, 2016

Job Description: The primary role of all the leaders at the PNO is to provide a fun, safe environment for the kids while guiding them from one activity to another. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that all leaders do the following:

    • Interact with the kids as much as possible, encouraging them to be independent, respectful and appropriate.
    • Address behaviors, praising good behavior and using age-appropriate “breaks” or withdrawals from activities for inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.
    • Check the children’s name tags to be aware of allergy information.
    • Never leave a child unattended.
    • Never be alone with a child.
    • When escorting a child to the bathroom, stand in the hall and leave the door open.
    • Tidy your area before leaving.
    • During check-out, only allow children to leave with the person who has a security tag with the number that matches the number on the child’s name tag.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, ask someone on the Children’s Ministry staff.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer at one (or all) of the PNO's or you have any questions, please email Cheryl at

2016 May Mission Trips

Honduras:  May 9-16 a group will travel to Tegucigalpa to serve with His Eyes Mission doing a variety of work projects including construction, food and clothing distribution, and travel to several rural villages.  This is an annual mission experience where God has shown many students how to love and serve more deeply.

The cost for this trip is $1350 and a deposit of $350 is due upon registration. If you're ready to register, click here!

Indonesia:  May 8-18 is a special interest mission team to interact with students in a 98% Muslim environment.  Those who join this team will learn first-hand how to bridge the commonalities and differences between us and them – Christianity and Islam.  You will have many new FB friends and mind-blowing conversations that will bring you face to face with people who God wants to love through you.

The cost for this trip is $2200 and a deposit of $350 is due upon registration. If you're ready to register, click here!

If you are not ready to register, but would like to receive updates on these two trips, sign up here.

Serve Hoosier Hills Food Bank

Hoosier Hills Food Bank – Volunteers are in high demand!  Contact Katy Haddad at  to get connected to this important ministry.

Serve Habitat for Humanity

Sherwood Oaks partners with Habitat for Humanity to serve the Bloomington community. CLICK HERE for a list of volunteer opportunities.

Serve in Children's Ministry - Birth - 5th Grade

(Birth through 5th Grade)

Whether it’s holding babies, or chasing kids around, great service opportunities await.  For more information on volunteering in the Childrens ministry click here.

To view more serving opportunities click here.

Serve in Student Ministry - Jr. High and High School

Student Ministry (Jr. High and High School)

If you are looking to lead, and invest in the lives of the next generation look no further than The Middle (6th-8th grade) and Catalyst (9th-12th grade) ministries. Submit your interest at the following link and John or Tyler will follow through with you on being part of the amazing Kingdom work going on with our teens in this community.

To volunteer, please click here.


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To learn more about our College and Young Adult Ministry, explore the dropdown boxes above. Contact or for more information.

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