Get out there!

Mar 10, 2023Jim Clark
On Sunday, Pastor Shawn talked to us about seeds and fields from Matthew 13 as we began a new series.
I think there is a good reminder in this story that is easy to miss. In verse 3, Jesus tells us that the farmer “went out” to sow his seed. I find it to be a helpful reminder that in order for me to scatter seed, I need to be “out in the field.” Now, this may not intentionally mean that I need to be outside (although it might). I think the reminder is that I need to intentionally create opportunities to be around those who need need to hear the Word.
It’s easy for me to sit inside… away from the field. Working in a church can be a bit insulating. All my coworkers are Christians. All my friends tend to be Christians. Its easy for me to forget that there is a field out there full of folks who need to hear about Jesus from me. I need to intentionally get out in the world and have an impact on the world around me.
The farmer didn’t sit in his living room… he intentionally got up and ‘went out’ to sow seed. Where are you intentionally getting out to today? Get involved in your community. Volunteer. Coach. Serve on a board. Join a gym. Make some friends that share a common interest with you but might not be involved in your church. Intentionally get out in the field today.
Earlier in Matthew 9, Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
So… get going!
-Jim Clark