We seek to serve and share about the hope of Christ with all people.

Our lives have been changed because of Him, and we want to share that with the world. There are several ways we seek to make a difference with people and various ministries globally. You can get involved too!

All year long we collect furniture and other household goods to distribute to new International students arriving here in Bloomington each August. You can make donations year round but the biggest push is the week prior to the big giveaway.  Numerous volunteers are needed on the giveaway day as well as the days leading up to that day.

Contact Elan Rajamani for more information, to donate furniture or to volunteer.

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am, we discuss the basics of Christian faith and why we believe what we do. This is the perfect way to learn more about Christianity in a safe setting. Join us in Room 222 for light refreshments and good discussion.

International Connections allow people from all over the world to learn about the Bible and grow in their Christian faith. People from all religious backgrounds and cultures are welcome at any of our events! 


We have two upcoming 2024 Projects. 

Embark on an inspiring journey in 2024 with opportunities in Guatemala and Kenya. Join us in engaging with local communities, supporting children, and contributing to meaningful causes. These mission projects offer unique cultural experiences and the chance to make a significant impact. Open to individuals and families, these projects promise not only personal growth but also the chance to create lasting change. Be a part of these transformative missions opportunities and register now to secure your spot in these life-changing adventures!

Family Mission to Agua Viva (Guatemala) | June 15-22, 2024 | See more about this ministry partner.

Embark on a transformative family mission project with Agua Viva from June 15-22, 2024, in Guatemala. This project welcomes a maximum of 25 individuals, focusing on engaging with children and contributing to the local community. The cost is $1650 for adults and $1550 for children under 12, including airfare, lodging, and meals. No specific skills are required, just flexibility and a servant's heart. Registration closes on March 6, 2024, with a $100 deposit. Balance is due by May 31, 2024. Join us for a journey of service and spiritual growth!

MOHI Kenya | July 11-22, 2024 | See more about this ministry partner.

Dive into a life-changing outreach project with us in Kenya from July 11-25, 2024, where you'll join hands with Missions of Hope International and Sherwood Oaks to fight against poverty and empower communities through the Gospel. With a focus on education, empowerment, and restoration, this mission is more than a trip—it's an opportunity to transform lives, including your own. For $3600, every aspect of the journey is covered, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience. Don't miss the chance to be one of the 30 change-makers; secure your place with a $100 deposit by February 28, 2024. Let's spread hope and witness life transformations together!

Make a Global Difference

Sherwood Oaks proudly partners with 34 organizations to reach people in Bloomington, Bedford and beyond. We give generously to make a meaningful difference, both locally and globally. Click the links to read more about our ministry partners and join us in giving today. 


Join Sherwood Oaks in supporting local and global missions! 

To give and learn more about our local and global partners, visit the articles below: 


Global Engagement Partners


Kindgom Business and Discipleship: Austin & Jane*
*pseudonym for security
Region: North Africa
Austin and Jane have deep passion to participate in the kingdom coming in North Africa through a business that has an economic, social and spiritual influence in their North African community. They also focus on the sustainability,  resilience and maturity of the local church by taking the role of encouragers and modeling simple and reproducible spiritual practices as we all draw nearer in relationship with Jesus.


Asian Children’s Mission 
Director: Josiah Ang Oo

Region: Burma/ Myanmar 


Purpose/Mission: Asian Children’s Mission promotes justice and Jesus for the women and children of Southeast Asia. Primarily working in Burma, Asian Children’s Mission operates primary and middle schools in villages that would otherwise have no schools, provides training for Sunday school leaders, operates two children’s homes and is involved in a wide variety of community development activities ranging from safe water projects to the installation of rice mills.

The care, protection and education of vulnerable children in Myanmar (Burma) is the primary mission of Asian Children’s Mission. They practice holistic Christian ministry where they do not make a false distinction between the spiritual and physical needs of children. The work with children is specifically expressed in educational initiatives, orphan care and community development. Joana Jones is the director of ACM. 

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Missionary: Andrias & Carol Pantauw

Region: Indonesia


Purpose/Mission: Act Beyond’s focus is the unreached peoples of the world who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically those who live in the 10/40 window in Asia, Europe and beyond. Andrias and Carol train and mobilize churches in Indonesia to reach Muslim populations through training seminars, medical clinics, English classes and resourcing the underground church in 100% Muslim communities. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Andrias and Carol Pantauw are the directors of Act Beyond.

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We recently highlighted them in a monthly mission spotlight. You can watch that here

Missionary: Ajai & Indu Lall

Region: Central India 


Purpose/Mission:  Founded in 1982 by Drs. Ajai and Indu Lall, Central India India Christian Mission (CICM) has been taking the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ to unreached people for over 30 years, planting over 1,4000 churches, sponsoring almost 5,000 children, training over 450 Christian leaders, treating thousands of people at the Mission Hospital, and baptizing over 350,000 people.

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Missionary: CY & Patricia Kim

Region: Philippines/North Korea


Purpose/Mission:  Through God's amazing grace, guidance and provision, CRAM extends HIS love and compassion through various projects, work and food programs in the communist countries of China and North Korea. In 2013, God opened a new ministry opportunity to build a Leper Community in Stung Treng, Cambodia...the work is underway on this project. In 2014, a new work was opened with the 'Boat People,' living in a slum area in Bacoor, Philippines. The people of Cambodia and the Philippines enjoy 'religious freedom.'

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Child Sponsorship:

Our supporters now have the opportunity to sponsor a child in the Philippines for $30.00/month. The support you provide will cover for their needs of education, nutrition, clothing, and medical care. Those sponsoring one or more children will receive a picture of the child (children) and have the opportunity to communicate with them through letters. If a sponsor would like to ‘come to the field’ and serve with us, there will be an opportunity for our sponsors to meet the child they sponsor!

All donations for this project should be made payable to CRAM Worldwide Inc with a note in the memo area of the check noting Bacoor Boat Kids Club # _____ (when a specific child is assigned to your care … you will receive a specific reference number to note on the check).

The Bacoor slum area is populated by 300,000 people. The people living in this area are called ‘Boat People’ and are extremely poor. They live on boats and fish to provide for their families. Their children are uneducated, hungry, and in need of much assistance to have their physical needs met. Please help the children of Bacoor!

CMF Ethiopia

Missionary: Adam and Allison Giles

Region: Ethiopia

Mission: CMF


Adam and Allison are members of the CMF Ethiopia church planting team. Both have been drawn to missions throughout their lives. Adam is the son of a second-generation missionary, and Allison spent time teaching in India. Their role is to serve the church catalyst team in Ethiopia.


Adam provides mechanical support to the team and oversees well projects that open access to new areas.  Adam and Allison will be point people for church leaders in the Benishangul Gumuz region, focusing their work in Asosa, the region’s capital.  Adam will build a training center and install a water system in a prison where the team plans to begin a prison ministry. Allison will meet with the church leaders’ and evangelists’ wives.


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Missionary: Judy Fish

Region: Multinational 


Purpose/Mission: Emerge Global seeks to equip and send trained workers who are committed to develop partnerships with indigenous people who have a vision to transform their communities. 

Through community development education, Emerge works alongside community leaders and families to provide clean driving water, food, preventive health care, agricultural support and educational resources. By promoting access to education, community members discover and develop their own vision, skills and resources to move from dependency to a self-sustaining future. This community transformation offers hope, dignity and interdependence within the community, equipping the people to invest in the progress of well-being of their lives. 


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Missionary: Terry and Melinda Ganka

Region: Oceania


Terry, Melinda, Jay, Tyler and John Ganka live in Papua New Guinea serving with Ethnos 360/PNG. As Flight Coordinator, Terry manages medical, supply and transportation flight requests for 70+ teams in remote tribal locations. In addition, Terry has a passion to disciple and encourage local communities in Christ. Melinda serves part-time in purchasing to ensure supplies are on-hand to support the NTM-PNG field. The Gankas ask us to join them in prayer that all people groups throughout PNG can safely hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


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Region: United States, Indianapolis: serving the world


Purpose/Mission: FAME exists to spread the fame of Jesus Christ to all nations through medical evangelism. They also seek to lead people to Christ and meet physical needs by partnering with other mission organizations to deliver a unique combination of medical mission services. FAME believes that by treating people physically it earns you the right to share about the Great Physician. FAME also partners with North India Christian Mission, Ghana Christian Mission, His Eyes in Honduras, and Central India Christian Mission – all Global Outreach partners with Sherwood Oaks.

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Mission Spotlight February 18, 2024

Ghana Christian Mission 
Missionary: Wisdom Nyador

Mission: Ghana Christian Mission

Region: Ghana, Africa 


Purpose/Mission:  Ghana Christian Mission gives the Hope of the Gospel to people in Ghana and beyond through Church Planting by equipping indigenous believers to evangelize their communities; Medical Outreach by providing physical and spiritual care for the sick; Education by schooling Ghana’s children and Community Development which supports initiatives that strengthen and improve urban and rural areas. Sherwood Oaks has sent Global Outreach teams to GCM on FAME medical mission projects.


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Director: Mike Schrage

Region: United States, Joplin, MO


Purpose/Mission: GNPI is a non-profit organization that accelerates global evangelism through media. Ziden Nutt founded GNPI in 1976. Ziden experienced firsthand on the mission field the desperate need for missionaries and nationals to have culturally relevant Biblical resources. As a result, Ziden began producing simple filmstrip series using language and images from the local culture.

Today, nearly four decades later, GNPI works through regional centers and NOMaD teams throughout the world. GNPI creates culturally relevant materials to serve the 80% of people in the unreached world who cannot read or prefer visual materials.

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Agua Viva Children's Home

Director: Misi Schlax

Region: Guatemala


Purpose/Mission:  Guatemala Children’s Mission is raising and educating impoverished children in Guatemala in a loving, Christian environment to be successful, Christian adults with the desire and ability to help their own people. Agua Viva Home strives to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the children in Guatemala. Agua Viva School, on the same property, is open also to the public offering scholarships to families in the community. Sherwood Oaks sends Global Outreach teams each year to Agua Viva.

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Director: RoRo Eustach Eline

Region: Haiti


Purpose/Mission: We partner with Haitian Christians to transform a culture for Christ. Together, we can do something for Haiti that will last! HCO is building generations of new believers through work in four primary areas. Through Church Planting we equip indigenous leaders. We minister to Children by meeting their educational, spiritual, and physical needs. We serve through Health Care, providing medical and dental services.We empower through Community Development projects that provide economic transformation.

Our goal is to evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage our partners using a biblical model of ministry.

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Missionary: Felipe & Valerie Colby

Region: Honduras


Purpose/Mission:  His Eyes ministry exists to reach Honduras and beyond for Christ through a medical/dental/optometry/laboratory clinic, Church planting, clothing and sports ministries, construction, short term groups, leadership development, feeding program for children and coffee/crop farming. Sherwood Oaks sends Global Outreach teams each year to His Eyes in Honduras.

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Missionary: Terry & Amy Ruff 

Region: Ghana, Africa


Purpose/Mission: Team Expansion in West Africa reaches out to unreached people groups, of which less than 5% are evangelized. Currently they are reaching out to the Gonja people of northern Ghana and participating in new expansion to the Toura people of Cote d’Ivoire through Bible storytelling (to those who are not literate) and resourcing pastors with small businesses for support. Terry & Amy Ruff served at SOCC before their call to Ghana.

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Missionary: Erick and Sira Gutierrtez 

Region: Spain


Purpose/Mission: Latin American Ministries, directed by Erick and Sira Gutierrtez of Nicaragua, is located near Murcia, Spain. The region is rich in agriculture and fruit farms. Many Arabic-speaking Muslims from North Africa immigrate there each year to find jobs. LAM’s ministry includes teaching Spanish to Arabic-speakers using Biblical texts. They also lead an international church that is attended by some Spaniards and many internationals. Ministry to immigrants is one of the current mission strategies that is adding many souls to the Kingdom.

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Director: Shane Armstrong

Region: United States, Florence, KY

Purpose/Mission:  Master Provisions exists to evangelize through clothing distribution and other benevolent ministries established in economically devastated countries. They follow Christ’s pattern of meeting temporary physical needs to gain the opportunity to address the more urgent spiritual needs of non-Christians. SOCC has sent and distributed clothing in Honduras and North India through the ministry of Master Provisions. SOCC hosts a MP clothing drive every two years and has sent over74 tons of clothing to Ukraine, Honduras and India.

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Missionary: Wallace and Mary Kamau

Region: Kenya, Africa


Purpose/Mission: MOHI is a Christ-centered NGO that serves orphaned and vulnerable children, their families and others in disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya. Its goal is to alleviate the effects of extreme poverty by empowering individuals to transform their families and communities. 

After hearing God's persistent call to ministry in Mathare, Wallace and Mary Kamau founded MOHI in the year 2000 with an initial enrollment of 50 kindergarten students. Over the years, God has blessed the ministry through new partners and rapid growth. Today, over 21,000 students attend school in the 25 centers and transformational programs reach thousands more. 

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Missionary: Simmi Dhingra

Region: North India


Purpose/Mission:  NICM has grown to include 16 new churches, a training center for evangelists and Christian leaders, Good News Productions International , FAME medical and dental clinics, Master Provisions clothing distribution, 20 sewing centers, four Christian primary schools, a special needs school, mobile schools in three slum neighborhoods, two leper churches and feeding programs and over 1000 first generation believers. All of the pastors & evangelists of NICM are nationals who have been rejected by their families as “outcasts” because of their decision to follow Jesus.

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NICM Mission Spotlight Video - March 2024

Missionary: Eric Lee-Executive Director 

Region: United States, New England States


Purpose/Mission: Restoration House Ministries partners with the church to transform the spiritual landscape of New England (the most unchurched region of the U.S.) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This mission is being accomplished by planting and nurturing healthy churches in all six New England states, from Portland, ME to Boston, MA to Hartford, CT to Providence, RI and in between.  This year NE Christian Churches collectively average three baptisms a day! October 2015, RESTORE Christian Church established a beachhead in Quincy, MA (South Shore of Boston) where less than 1.5% of the population attend an evangelical church. In the Fall of 2017, Movement Christian Church re-launched in Merrimack, NH and has grown from 75 to over 400. The plant team for RENAISSANCE Christian Church in Waltham, MA moved on site to plant in the Spring 2019. Eric Lee is the Executive Director.

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Missionary: Rondal & Janice Smith 

Region: United States, Dallas, TX


Purpose/Mission:  Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. They are serving 17 million people in 46 language projects. God is calling them to expand and begin 26 additional projects and 4 new fields!  They are seeking 200 new missionaries by 2012 who will step up and meet the need for incarnational ministry among Bible-less peoples. Their team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety of support personnel transforming lives through God’s Word in every language.

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Director: Stephanie Freed

Region: Multinational 


Purpose/Mission: Rapha International's mission is to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all. Their vision is to see children living safely in their own communities without the threats of trafficking and sexual exploitation. In 2003, their work was born through the vision of native Cambodian Christian leaders who repeatedly witnessed girls disappearing from their villages to be sold and exploited. They partnered with local leaders to combat this evil and to provide high quality care for survivors. Rapha has since expanded to care for survivors and the vulnerable in Cambodia, Haiti and Thailand. 


Rapha's website

Missionary: Andy Baker

Region:  Romania


Purpose/Mission:  Remember the Children exists to provide the children throughout the world a foundational faith and hope for a better tomorrow through acts of kindness and love. They are working primarily in Romania through ministry in four main areas: Gypsy Outreach; at risk children; Medical Ministry and Elderly in Need. Sherwood Oaks has sent several GO Teams to Romania with RTC to distribute Christmas boxes to gypsy children during the month of December. Rob and Becky Muncy are staff members of RTC.

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Missionary:  Aziz & Ingrid Zaghzagh

Region:  Spain


Purpose/Mission: Aziz Zaghzagh is a Moroccan Christian convert from Islam. He has a burning desire to see other Arabic speaking Muslims come to know and follow Isa (Jesus). He and his wife, Ingrid, are about the business of befriending and assisting Muslims in any way they can to bring the Gospel of Isa to them. They use language classes, sports, family visits, employment assistance, transportation, pre-natal nutrition classes, Bible exploration – anything that will demonstrate God’s irresistible love to their Muslim friends in hopes that they will trust Isa.

E-mail Aziz

Missionary: Steve Connor

Region: United States, Bloomington, IN 


Purpose/Mission:   Helping the Church and mission organizations globally fulfill the great commission in and through the world of sport and all whom they influence.Evangelical researchers time-and-time-again point to relationship as the key proponent for conversion and discipleship. We understand that sport is a key factor for building relationship. We use a number of strategies from major sports events,leadership training, and coach’s guides to mentoring Christian athletes.

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President: Tony Twist

Region: Austria


Purpose/Mission:  TCM International Institute develops Christian men and women for leadership and provides benevolent assistance in Europe and Central Asia. With more than 800 students from 33 nations, who are actively involved in various ministries, TCM equips them as disciple makers through graduate level education to make a global impact by more effectively influencing their churches, cultures, and countries for Christ. Sherwood Oaks regularly sends short-term workers to serve at the Haus Edelweiss Campus near Vienna, Austria.

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Hospitality Director: Denise Tolbert

Region: Multinational 


Denise Tolbert is the Hospitality Coordinator for Team Expansion in Louisville, KY. She ensures that guests to the campus are cared for in terms of meals and housing. She uses experience and wisdom that was gained while serving as a missionary family in Ireland. 


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