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Discover Sherwood Oaks

Here are 3 things to do when you arrive: 

1. Come say hi! We have space set aside in the Worship Centers at both Bedford and Bloomington. We would love to meet you between services.


2. Fill out a Connect Card at a Welcome Center.  (If you'd rather type than write, you can fill out that digital connect card online here.) While you are there, talk with some of our welcome team and pick up a gift!


3. Find your place. Let us know what you’re interested in (small group, Bible study, kids programming, support group, serving, etc.), and we’ll help you explore how to find your place at Sherwood Oaks. Email us at for more info.


Discover Sherwood Oaks

Are you ready to take your first step or your next step in your relationship with Jesus and Sherwood Oaks? Join us for Discover Sherwood Oaks at 11:00am on the first Sunday of the month. 

Discover Sherwood Oaks


Plan Your Visit

We recommend you get here 15-20 minutes before service to park, grab your cup of coffee or tea, stop by the Welcome Center, and find your spot in service. 

If you’re a first time guest, there is a spot in the parking lot just for you! Look for the signs and park there. We have members of our Welcome Team in the parking lot to help you if you need directions.

Once you enter the building, find the nearest welcome center.

We can’t wait to meet you, give you a gift, and will show you around the campus!

Come as you are! Seriously, we don’t care if you’re in a suit and tie or your comfiest sweatpants, we’re just glad you’re with us!

We have a spot for your kids to worship and play! If you are unsure about where to take your kids, our welcome center team will help you check in your kids and find their space.

You can learn more about what to expect for your kids here.

Each weekend, we give our congregation an opportunity to respond to God's Word and His Spirit leading through worship!

We offer weekly communion at both of our Sherwood Oaks Christian Church locations. Someone in the service will direct you on the specifics of your location. Additionally, gluten free communion is available at the Welcome Center upon request. 

Secondly, on those tables, you'll have an opportunity to participate through giving your offering. Someone in the service will direct you on the specifics of offering at your location. You can participate in the service, in the designated boxes in the lobby or give online.

We’re always happy to have visitors, but we want you to find your spot in our Sherwood Oaks community. 

You can join a group, a Bible study, a support group, and find ways to serve, and we want to help you with that! Text "connect" to 812.324.8644 or email connect@socc.org and we’ll help you with your next steps.