The Power of Stories

Mar 9, 2023Emily Bedwell

We’re spending a few weeks looking at the parables, and I can’t help but think about stories and the power they hold in our lives. Jesus made a point of explaining the world, Himself, and God in ways people would understand. And, isn’t that the power of story in all our lives? I have taught storytelling classes for kids (think creative writing but in the theater world) for a few years, and it all comes down to this: stories change us if we let them. One of my favorite quotes says, “Stories are important .... They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.” (A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness).

Stories can be more important than anything if they carry the truth. Isn’t that the message of the parables? They are Jesus making the mysterious accessible and hopeless hopeful. They are the story of Christ, His impact on the world, and the way we should live if He lives in us. Throughout this series, we’ll study both the practical and allegorical as we look at some of the best-known parables Jesus told. While they may feel familiar, the challenge is this – approach them with fresh eyes. Remember they carry the ultimate truth – and that makes them important and necessary parts of our journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus. All stories are important. And the most important one? How your story intersects with His story to change everything!