Going to God on Others' Behalf

Nov 9, 2022Emily Bedwell

While the sermon was full of tons of nuggets of wisdom Sunday, the point I kept coming back to was not scripture or even on the screen as a reminder it was important. It was during the 930 service when Shawn admitted that sometimes, it’s the faith of the congregation that gets him through the tough days. It’s the faith of the community that holds him up when the enemy tries to take him down. It stopped me completely on Sunday, and the tears began. It was a moment when I remembered one of the things that I love most about being a part of this body of believers—when my faith doesn’t feel like enough, there are throngs of people holding me up, holding me close, and going to God on my behalf. It was a reminder that my faith, small and weak as it can sometimes feel, is the strength that someone else might need.

In Exodus 17, Moses is standing with arms raised, leading the Israelites to victory. When his arms falter, the enemy advances. But instead of ridiculing or being angry at Moses for not having enough strength or faith to keep his arms high, Aaron and Hur join him, holding his arms aloft when he is too weak to do it himself.

May we always be willing to lend our faith when it’s needed, our strength when someone feels weak, and ourselves to our church family when they call.