Reframing "Rent-free" Thoughts

Oct 6, 2022Noah Saylor

Much like the feedback loop of negative thoughts that sometimes roam my head, Shawn’s words on Sunday really stuck with me. I got to thinking about my own life with my thoughts - oftentimes the ones living “rent-free” should’ve been evicted even before they moved in! It was helpful to learn of cognitive reframing, to know that I’m not stuck in a rut of my own creation. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I can fabricate new pathways in my brain that honor God and the way I present myself and think of others. Specifically, it’s so easy to feel like my inner critic is the voice of others. That when I think less of myself, I behave like it’s true and everybody knows it. But God doesn’t let me stay there! He graciously reminds me of His love and gracious nature, and how I am equipped to love myself and those around me.

Tags: perspective, god's grace, inner critic, cognitive reframing