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Sunday Challenge from Tom

Posted by Emily Bedwell on

On April 10, Tom began the Elijah series at Bloomington East by talking about the way God uses ordinary people in extraordinary times. He finished his sermon with this challenge:

Beginning today, I want you to take some time to pray about your role in God's plan.

He went on to say, "James talks about Elijah and the power of prayer; we cannot do this on our own power. Then I want you to pause and explore your passions. What is it that really inspires you or makes you excited? Consider how these passions might be used to serve God-some of those might be here in the life of the church. Some might be out in the community. Where does Salt work best? When it's out of the shaker. Light is best used out in the darkness. Let's pray together than God will make us salt and light for Him.

Have you followed through on this challenge this week? Are you praying God reveals your role in His plan? Keep praying and waiting for God to reveal Himself to you!

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