Have you found your place yet?

Jul 3, 2024Matt Limbrick

As I lead a group of 4th and 5th graders at VBX this year I’m reminded of the year before I moved to Blooming to work as Worship Arts Minister here at Sherwood Oaks
I had taken some time out of full time ministry. Looking back I see I was burned out and needed some time to heal. But I never stepped back from the Lord! I found a local church I connected with well and started searching for where to volunteer and serve. The obvious answer was Worship, but I just didn't want to. I needed some time. A friend in my life group suggested the 4th and 5th grade boys in children's ministry.
He was the children's minister. I'd never done children's ministry before...it felt like a challenge. And I was in! For the next year I was there every Sunday morning with those wild guys. I see why that position was available now!
Who would think of serving with 4th and 5th grade boys as a way to rest and heal spiritually?
I can't explain to you the ways serving in Children's Ministry filled me up in a time I felt hurt and empty. For real. I don't know how. But it did. It became something I looked forward to every week.
It became something I looked forward to every week. And no, of course it wasn't easy! God does amazing things when we are available and faithful. We all have a desire to feel useful to have a purpose. I encourage you to find your place to serve! Try things out! Take a challenge! I'm sure there's a spot with 4th and 5th grade boys...for some reason there always is...