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It's through serving that we find our purpose and our people and we want to help you find all three, including your place to serve. We believe that finding your place to serve could be one of the most powerful actions you can take to accelerate your faith forward. This page will give you an introduction to many of the ministries at Sherwood Oaks and how you can get started finding your people and your place to serve! Check out some of the stories of Sherwood Oaks folks who have found their place to serve and then scroll down and read a little about each ministry and how you can connect. 


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How do I get started? 

We would love for you to start with a free SHAPE test. SHAPE stands for Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences! This will give you an idea of where you might be uniquely gifted to serve in the church. As you are taking the SHAPE test, please include Maggie Mobley's contact information ( ) on your test for follow up. 


Below are some of the ministries at Sherwood Oaks that are actively helping our people find their people and place to serve. You can read a brief snapshot from each ministry and then click the link below to contact that ministry leader for more information or next steps! Glad you are considering joining us on their journey! 



The Communications Team handles all the digital and print media for Sherwood Oaks. From video and graphic creation to social media and website management and everything in between, if it's on a screen or a piece of paper, the Communications Team has helped design or create it. We are currently looking for anyone with an artistic touch or who loves social media and websites. 

More Information About the Communications Team

Contact Jim Clark about Communications

Sherwood Kids! volunteers are the faces of the ministry: they have the most direct and consistent contact with the children and their families. They all work together in their unique roles to carry out the mission of Sherwood Kids!, realizing that the couple of hours they spend with the kids each week has an eternal impact in the lives of the kids and their families. 


Sherwood Kids Bloomington Volunteer Team Positions

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Contact Stephen Figert for more information about Sherwood Kids Bloomington!

Contact Heather Knoy for more information about Sherwood Kids Bedford!