He is Faithful because He Lives in Us!

Jun 10, 2024Steve Wilkinson

He is faithful to us. He lives in us. He is faithful to who He is. He is faithful because He lives in us. He cannot deny himself. He came to live in us because He loves us. So even if we sin, misunderstand, make mistakes or just plain goof it up, He still lives in us and will be faithful. Because He chose to be in us. We are one with Him.

Believers grow their faith. John 4 show us how Jesus heals the official's son. Here are 3 ways to grow that faith:
1. Allow Jesus to stretch our faith.
2. Take Jesus at his word.
3. Marvel at the glory of life.
We have to move beyond needing step by step confirmation, to believe without seeing. Believing before it is done.

Hebrews 12 talks about enduring hardship and waiting for the Lord. Just because things are hard, not working out (or when you think it is not working out), God knows what He is doing. Hardship does not mean defeat. Hardship does not mean God has stopped working. In fact, hardship just means God is testing & proving to us by developing us for what is ahead, even when we cannot see it. But He will never give up on developing us to be who He wants us to be and to accomplish what he wants us to do.

I must trust God's way beyond my way. He takes different routes. He talks about different subjects. He is always correct. We need to adjust our course to His course. He would be like a ship arguing with a Lighthouse telling the Lighthouse they need to move. The Lighthouse is doing its job even when it looks like we know what we're doing.

Many times, life looks different, but it is still good. Take Jesus at His word and don't worry. Believe and obey until He directs us differently.

When the way is not clear, just trust Him. Keep doing what you know is the right thing to do. The right thing is to marvel at the Savior. He is always good, right, and all-powerful.

Meditation on the glory of the Savior will grow our faith. So, we must evaluate the things in life that we waste our time with, including worrying and distractions. Concentrate on how powerful and good Jesus is and then plug those things into your situation and know He is adjusting the course and working it out.