Judging a Book by its Cover

Aug 29, 2023Ian Powell

On Sunday, Tim Thompson discussed Samuel and his issues of judging people by their looks. David didn’t meet the king criteria in appearance, but he did meet God’s heart criteria. Haven’t we all found ourselves in similar situations? It is so easy to put a judgment on looks with those we don’t know. If you haven’t shared life with each other, you don’t know their heart, so we make assumptions on how they appear.

I am the worst at judging books by their covers. Literally, I look for books that have sweet designs and cool titles. The content of the book does not always match up to the look. We may find ourselves looking at others with this same kind of thinking. You may say, "they look like me; they probably have similar beliefs." More often than not, I find this not to be true, but guess what? We shouldn’t be in the business of judging people by their appearance or their hearts because this is God’s job! But we should be in the business of getting to know all people whom God places in your life no matter their appearance or heart. They need to know Jesus just as much as you do!