Musical Influence

Jun 27, 2024Ian Powell

At the Bedford campus on Sunday, Allen Burris mentioned some classic rock songs in his sermon. Go back and listen or ask him about the details but it had my mind reminiscing on the past. Growing up, my dad introduced me to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who. These were his favorite bands and after enough time spent listening to them, they became my favorites too. My dad had a big influence on the music I listened to.

This isn’t a post about rock music…I promise. My music choices over the years have changed and it is influenced by the people I am around and where I place my thoughts. The more I spend time with others who listen to positive music, the more I will want to listen to positive music. The more I think about God, the more I will devote my time listening to encouraging music to worship God. Be mindful of what you are allowing to influence your life. Take a good look at your heart and see what outside forces have an impact on your life. Are you allowing the ways of the world to determine the road you are taking or is it the path of God you are chasing?