New Super Power

Apr 16, 2024Jeff Huston

Can we get real for a minute? As in realistic expectations.

Why is it that we are typically surprised when we come across offensive behavior, words or people? How many times in a day do we say “I can’t believe that he/she/they said that, did that, believe that”? Our days can be filled with shock at all the shocking things going on around us. Or is it possible…that in the moment we are confronted with an offense, we CAN CHOOSE not to be offended? This was a mind-blowing concept for me when I heard this idea from Brant Hansen’s book Unoffendable. So, I decided to try it out and it didn’t take long for God to present me with opportunities to exercise this new Super Power.

So, when the first offense came, I was surprised at how hard it was not to respond in a worldly way. Tit for Tat, CounterAttack, Snarkcasm, Revenge, Manipulation, Power Play were all options that I considered as possible responses. But since I had committed to trying this new path, I prayed and asked God to give me a better response, a Godly response. And I waited and asked for the Holy Spirit to guide my emotions, my thoughts and my actions. Finally at the end of the day, through God’s power and guidance, I was able to respond in a way that promoted unity and grace when bitterness and divisiveness was tempting. It was not easy, and I can take no credit for it, but I sure feel really good about it and can now live with no regret or shame.

If we are more concerned about being in right relationship with God and others than being right or getting the right outcome (based on what we know to be right) then we might be on the right path. So, join me in trying to choose NOT to be offended when offenses come and let’s let His grace flow through us.