Rest and Waiting Means Relying on God

May 21, 2024Steve Wilkinson

Rest and waiting means putting everything in God’s hand, being quiet, and surrendering to the Lord. Resting & waiting on the Lord can be hard when you feel like you have to be the one accomplishing. The task is to wait and connect with God.

Resting in Jesus because He is the sabbath rest. No guilt, no hard labor. We do not earn salvation or God’s favor. Rest is being His children. We cannot do good works to receive salvation or God‘s favor. So trying to obey the law is not resting. Resting in Jesus means receiving what He has done, and falling more deeply in love with him, knowing him better. This is how Jesus is our rest.

God wants us to rest from the spiritual war. Let Him fight the battle by doing what He orders. He orders & commands us to sabbatical rest, which is trusting what He has done and will do in our lives. He explains this in Mark 2:27-28.

Jesus meets our greatest need, which is forgiveness of our sins. We must have peace with God. "I am okay with God so I can rest." Do you have a quiet place to rest? Humbly seeing God is in the source of our power; we all need recharging. Humbly know who God has created you to be and then rest in being who He wants you to be.

We can rest from our fears, whether that's tick bites, paying bills, second guessing, or big decisions. What is it that causes you to not rest? What is it that we worry about that makes us feel like we have to do this instead of God doing it?

Rest your soul more than the body. Feed your soul and rest your mind. Concentrate on God and celebrating who God made you to be.

Sunday is a model day to rest in Jesus that we need to do every day. Taking care of who we really are means taking care of our soul. Our body will die one day when we being a soul leave it. It is so much more important that our souls rest, refresh and grow.

Sabbath rest in Jesus is building a personal relationship with Jesus. Admiring what God has done and is doing in your life, seeing what is good and true. Celebrate what is good and true! This is rest. Worry and exhaustion has to do with concentrating on what is not good and is exhausting.

Rest, remember, replenish, celebrate, worship! Connect your soul, the real you to who Jesus is, by connecting with him personally and knowing Him better!