To The Last Breath

Mar 29, 2024Lauren Hong

As we approach Easter Sunday, there are so many ways throughout the week that we can look to the cross, remember the sacrifice and celebrate the empty tomb. Prayer walks, special services, lent devotionals, shabbat dinners, and more. All are beautiful ways we can give our attention to God, both personally and as a group or family, to thank Him for the sacrifice He made and the gift we’ve been given.

Nothing though, is harder to dwell on or perhaps more impactful, than the few agonizing hours our Savior endured from arrest to crucifixion: betrayal, undeserved abuse and slander, physical and mental strain beyond what we can imagine, bearing the full weight of our sins and momentary separation from God. Yet despite all of that, in the same short span of time, Jesus fulfilled 28 prophecies, passed the baton of ministry and motherhood, forgave sinners, completely surrendered himself to God’s will, and had compassion for all humanity to the very last breath.

From the dividing of his garments to the tearing of the curtain from top to bottom, every moment of Jesus’ life on earth, from the manger to the cross, was part of God’s plan, set in motion from the moment He said, “let there be light.” Every centurion and pharisee, every jew and gentile, every follower and hater, every bystander was a part of the unstoppable outflow of God’s love for His people, for you and for me. All brought together in this one moment, when Jesus Christ, God incarnate, willingly submitted himself to the extreme cruelty of mankind and went up on that cross to die for our sins, so that we might live with him for eternity.

What other response can we have than to fall on our knees and worship? This Easter, remember the one who lived to die, in order that we might die to live with Him forever.