Up In the Arch

Jun 6, 2024Jim Clark

Last week, we took our kids (Myles, 11, and Mykah, 7) to Saint Louis for a couple of days. We wanted to see the sites and enjoy some summer fun before the rush of swimming lessons, VBX, family trips, summer baseball and all the things that start pushing in on the calendar so that suddenly you look up and it's August.

While we were there, we wanted to do a couple of fun things: visit the Saint Louis Zoo, which is highly recommended (and I concur) and visit the Saint Louis Arch.

I've never been up in the arch. My kids were very excited about the opportunity. So we bought our tickets, toured the museum, waited in line and boarded the tiny cars that take you to the top for an approximate 10 minute visit. Only problem: I'm scared of heights! And there's nothing quite like 630 feet of close encounter with that fear to remind you. My kids loved it! We took pictures! I enjoyed it too... respecting the windows and trying to keep my knees from buckling.

Sometimes it takes a close encounter to remind you how small you really are. Sunday, Rick shared about Noah's close encounter with the hard things that God was asking him to do with the reminder that sometimes you just have to go through those hard things rather than trying to go around them!

I did it. I made it through. I would even say that I enjoyed it. Maybe God is asking you to do something small (like facing a longtime fear) or maybe God is leading you through something monumentally hard. Whatever it is: be faithful! You'll make it through!

-Jim (still pretty scared of heights!)