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We want to change the culture and expectations of marriage both inside the church and outside in the world. Join us as we explore what marriage means and how your marriage can beat the statistics and bring hope to the world.

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Military Family Ministry

We are working to build a Military Family Ministry to support military families.  If you are a military family, we want to know! Please fill out our Military Family Ministry form so we can help support you.

Military Family Ministry

Military Family Partner

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Marriage Night Event

RightNow Media is providing a fantastic date night for you and your spouse. Three hours of teaching, comedy, conversation, and intentional time together to strengthen your marriage!

You can watch the event in the comfort of your own home as a date night, with friends, or your Lifegroup! The link will be available starting September 18th and can be viewed until October 12th.  Once you register, make sure to stop by the church and pick up your date night box, as a gift from Sherwood Oaks Married Life Ministry. 
Email Maggie at if you have questions!

*You need to register both you and your spouse for the event - 2 tickets for a total of $30, and worth every penny for a fantastic date night at home!*

Marriage Night Registration

Marriage Mentoring

Sherwood Oaks Married Life Ministry is now offering Marriage Mentoring!

Mentoring is an important part of the Sherwood Oaks mission and values. We want to walk along side you in your relationship and guide you in a strong and healthy marriage that honors God. Using the Prepare-Enrich material, we will offer a 4-6 session mentoring experience with a trained couple. If you’re dating, engaged, need to re-kindle the romance in your marriage, or just want to strengthen your communication as a couple, this mentoring program is a great place to start!

Marriage Mentoring Interest Form


Maggie Mobley

Maggie Mobley

Director of Women & Married Life Ministriesoffice: 812.334.0206x204
Melissa Abram

Melissa Abram

Women's Ministry & Married Life Assistant

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