A Minute with Claudia (July 10)

Jul 10, 2014Claudia Mitchell

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Of all the birds in the world, the eagle holds the record for the largest nest. The National Bird of the United States is huge, weighing up to 10 pounds. I'm Claudia Mitchell with a minute message from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church.

Did you know an eagle's nest can be 8 1/2 feet in diameter, 12 feet deep and weigh up to two tons? The bottom of the nest I saw contained pieces of broken glass, empty cans, even a flip-flop. The next layer was large sticks and rocks. The top of the nest was covered with a soft bed of grass and feathers from the mama eagle herself.

The baby eagles hunker down, warm, fed and cared for. They love their soft, comfortable home so much they often refuse to leave. Mama eagle knows just what to do. She enters the nest and stirs it up with her feet. All the rough stuff from the bottom comes to the top. The little eagles become so uncomfortable they fly and become the amazing birds they were born to be.

Chapter 32 of the book of Deuteronomy says that God is like an Eagle that stirs up his nest. So, if you're feeling uncomfortable today, all stirred up, good for you. Perhaps you're preparing to soar like an eagle.