Are you coachable?

Aug 19, 2022Jim Clark
Let's see if you can figure out the commonality between these names.
Fred Lynch, Clifton Harring, Dean Smith, Bob Knight, Kevin Lougherty, Stan Albeck, Doug Collins, Chuck Daly and Phil Jackson.
Did you discover the commonality? If you said they are all coaches, you would be correct. But there is actually a deeper commonality. They were all at one point or another coaches for (one of) the greatest basketball player ever: Michael Jordan.
We can argue opinions later. But it's difficult to argue with 6 NBA Championships, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, 14 NBA All-Star and a host of other stats too numerous to mention here.
My point? One of the greatest basketball players to ever pick up a basketball had coaches guiding, directing, instructing and challenging Michael Jordan's growth as a player.
Who is coaching you? Maybe coaching isn't the right term... who is mentoring you? Who is guiding, directing, instructing and challenging your growth? And who are you mentoring?

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