Boldness and Trust

Nov 27, 2013Tyler Cadwell

Jeremiah 26

The Lord tells Jeremiah to speak to the people of Judah and tell them that their ways of idolatry will not be tolerated any longer. God is giving them the opportunity to change their ways, to turn back to Him before He makes this city " Shiloh or an object of cursing among the nations..."

If I were Jeremiah I would probably be terrified! These people would turn on me and want me dead when they heard this message. Jeremiah was fully aware of his audience, and the reaction they would have. But Jeremiah also knew what God wanted him to do and knew that God would be with him and take care of him.

Jeremiah shared the message from the Lord and the people understood what Jeremiah was telling them. They knew that when he said this city “will be like Shiloh” that he meant it would be toast - like Shiloh had been in 1050 B.C. courtesy of the Philistines.

The priests, prophets and people seized Jeremiah, saying, "You must die!" His message made them angry! Jeremiah did not back down! He stood by what he said with boldness and trust in The Lord.

We are called to give out God's message clearly and boldly, sometimes with words and sometimes with actions. We are called to boldness in building relationships with people who do not know God. Boldly loving them, caring for them and serving them in a way they have never experienced!     

Jeremiah trusted God. God protected him from death. God used Jeremiah to give the people a choice. When we reach out to others we give them a choice to know God and His goodness. In what area in your life is God calling you to boldly reach out or boldly speak?