Carefest Impact!

Nov 3, 2014

Despite the cold weather, about 25% more Carefest volunteers reported for service at 8:00am on Saturday than had signed up. All eight teams had plenty of positive energy to tackle the tasks given to them. Reports from the project leaders and coordinators where we served were extremely positive. Several teams were supplemented with Life Groups who chose to serve together – a good idea for Spring projects. Thank you for supporting this effort to show that community that the Sherwood Oaks family cares enough to show our faith through serving.

2 quick stories:

  • Oscar Gonzalez is the director of the Boys & Girls Club in Ellettsville.  He also volunteers to run the media for Iglesia Hispana. The Iglesia Hispana group sent over 20 volunteers to the B&GC to help out. They swarmed the place with another larger Life group. At the Saturday night service, Oscar thanked the group for “getting more sorting, cleaning, and painting done in 4 hours than the staff was able to do in 6 months.”
  • Nick McGinnis, principle of Marlin Elementary and Sherwood Oaks member, was very glad to have a team help with landscaping and painting. The school purchased a playground plan that includes painted games on the asphalt. The Carefest team did the layout and painting for the new education grid in super-bright colors. Nick hopes we can send a team next fall to freshen up what this team began.

 People enjoy serving together.  The community appreciates the service.