February 1 Minute Message

Feb 1, 2018Tom Ellsworth

When life feels overwhelming, where do you look for problem solving help?  Hi, I’m Tom Ellsworth from Sherwood Oaks Christian Church with a minute message.

Building large solar panels to power orbiting satellites has never been a problem but getting them into space? ...Well, that can be overwhelming.  Twenty-five years ago, when Japanese scientists were designing their research satellite known as the Space Flyer Unit, they grappled with just such a challenge but amazingly found their answer in a tree.  In the spring of the year, the beech tree produces new leaves compactly folded within small buds.  At the right time, the buds pop open and new leaves begin to unfold like accordions.  The intricately folded beech leaf inspired the scientists to apply the same concept to their satellite.  When the Space Flyer Unit was launched into orbit, the solar panels gracefully unfolded recreating the beech tree’s annual spring pageant. 

If God can create a simple leaf that inspires a solution for a space age problem, then don’t you think he can handle your anxieties?  When life’s challenges seem to hover over you like a cold, gray, bleak winter sky, turn to the Creator and his solution may unfold before you just like a beech leaf in spring.