Apr 4, 2014Tobin Wingard

Read 1 Timothy 5 & 6

1 Timothy 6:12 states, "Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses".

I've been intrigued with Paul's various analogies of the Christian life, using examples comparing us to farmers, runners, and fighters! Every Christ follower has been called to bear witness of the gift of eternal life secured by the sacrifice of our Savior. We must never forget however that this calling places us squarely "in the ring" of spiritual battle. Having worked with a number of professional boxers in my career as a physical therapist, I've learned that boxers not only prepare physically for the demands of the fight, but must also prepare tactically by studying film of their opponents in preparation for the match. Understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of the opponent is critical if a boxer is to successful "in the ring". A typical boxing match is comprised of 12 three minute rounds with a one minute rest period between rounds. The key to winning the fight is often found during those periods of brief rest when the boxer is provided with critical feedback from their coach while other assistants provide hydration address their wounds. The boxer is not alone in their fight! So it is with the Christian life. Yes, we enter the "ring" personally when we accept the call of Christ, however to be able to "fight the good fight", and finish the match, we must surround ourselves with other Christ followers who can serve as coaches, mentors, and nurturers.