God Doesn't Break Promises

Apr 21, 2014Emily Bedwell

So when God wanted to prove for certain that his promise to his people could not be broken, he made a vow. God cannot tell lies! And so his promises and vows are two things that can never be changed. (Hebrews 6:17-18 cev)

God doesn't break His promises. Ever. It's as simple as that. Yesterday was proof of that. Easter Sunday. Jesus rose from the dead, conquered the grave and saved God's people. Forever. In just that moment, God's biggest promise to those who loved Him - that they would spend eternity with Him, was fulfilled. Nothing will change that. Nothing can alter his love for you. There is no longer a wedge between you and Your Creator.

In His infinite mercy and kindness, God kept His word, despite the pain it caused Him. Should we be any different? Our promises and our vows should be kept and honored! As you go through your week this week, take seriously the things you say you will do and the promises you make. If God can give up His only Son to keep His promise to you, you can make whatever sacrifices necessary to keep your word to others!