He has Experienced our Sorrow

Sep 16, 2022Emily Bedwell

Of all the things Ben & Crystal said on Sunday as they shared their story and the story of their sweet Calla, one thing stood out to me the most: Hope does not put us to shame.

Sometimes holding on to hope can feel like a ridiculous thing. It can feel like grasping at straws and not acknowledging how dark and scary and hard the world can be. Hope can feel like you’re being naïve when reality is looking you in the eyes and it’s not pretty. But true Hope – Hope in Christ and the power of His resurrection – will never be worthless. There is no shame in holding on to hope – in fact – sometimes it’s the only thing we have left to hold onto when the world falls apart.

The promise that can and should sustain us is what was articulated so beautifully Sunday night – there has been nothing that we experience in our lifetimes that has not passed through God’s hands.

He has felt every sorrow.
He has endured every separation.
He has lost every relationship.
He has felt the loneliness.
He has felt the sorrow.
He has felt the emptiness.

What we endure temporarily, He has carried. And His promise is that He will lead us through the valleys to the mountaintops again.

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