I Refuse (thoughts from Tom)

Mar 21, 2020Tom Ellsworth


I refuse to let the circumstances of this pandemic define, refine or confine who I am internally! 

I refuse to let worry call the shots. Anxiety never accomplished anything positive in life!

I refuse to succumb to fear and its dictates. Fear cripples us, restrains us, disheartens us and defeats us. I want no partnership with fear. 

I refuse to become cynical and negative. Snarky pessimism is a cold fog that obscures one’s vision and impedes forward movement.

I refuse to look for a place to lay blame, criticize the efforts of those who are trying or disparage the new challenges that surround me.

I refuse to read, watch or listen to round-the-clock news

I refuse to believe the sky is falling just because the Stock Market is. 

I refuse to play the “woe-is-me” game – I’m breathing and eating. What more do I need?

I refuse to stop loving those around me whose lives and love sustain me on life’s toughest days.

I refuse to stop smiling, laughing and joking! It’s good medicine. Did you hear the one about… 

I refuse to give up, let up, blow up, flare up or feel washed up. 

I refuse to be hopeless – I will put my trust in God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. I will seek him, pray to him and follow him no matter what happens tomorrow! 

By: Tom Ellsworth