Jesus, Can You Hear Me Now?

Jan 10, 2014Vickie Carmichael

Luke 24 is the story of the resurrection and appearances of Jesus. This final chapter in the Book of Luke begins with overwhelming loss and sadness, but ends in great joy and renewed hope. Jesus communicates the love of God through His relationships with people. I believe Jesus was just as pleased to see his friends and family as they were to see Him! He chatted with them, stayed with them, ate with them, and even encouraged them.

I want you to focus on the question Jesus asks in verse 17, "What are you discussing together as you walk along?"

He couldn't ask a more thought provoking and relevant question in our current world of easy conversation via easy access social media. What are we discussing together? I wish I could say all, or most of my conversations are worthy of being a follower of Jesus, but I can't. Most of us chat about vague things, argue, gossip, manipulate and tell little white lies like, "I'm fine" or "Good to see you."

Larry Crabb wrote a book titled "Soul Talk" which teaches us that true 'soul talk' is when two Christians talk to each other in a way that results in our passions for God being stirred, ignited and released. Our words to each other matter. Larry says this about what we're discussing together. "We almost never speak words that are formed in the center of our soul and pour out from our very being with a sense of power and of life. And we almost never hear words that stir life within us, that pour hope into those empty spaces deep inside."

Change your words. Change your world. Take a minute and watch this clip.