Jill's House Memory Center

Feb 14, 2017

Jill's House is a new memory care facility in Bloomington. They opened their doors in the Fall of 2017. They took over the building that housed the original Jill's House that provided a place for families to live during cancer treatments. It's a beautiful building that has a new life and a new mission.

Heather Kinderthain, Community Relations Coordinator, had reached out to Sherwood Oaks about having a service at their location. We were happy to inform her that we live stream our 11:00am service! Being so new, they did not have the technology to make that happen. No worries, Sherwood Oaks bought them a new Chromebook and an HDMI cord so they can stream the service on Sunday. The Chromebook can also be used by their residents at other times. It was a win for everyone involved.

We'll look forward to hearing more from our friends at Jill's House Memory Care. If you want to learn more about Jill's House or become a volunteer visit them at http://jillshousememorycare.com/.