May 18, 2014

I want to focus on the beginning and ending of the book of Jude. Jude calls himself a ‘slave’ to Jesus Christ. What does being a slave mean?

It implies that you will do what your master wants and not what you want to do. It means responding with a ‘yes sir’ not a ‘that is not the way people see it these days’. It is being under someone else’s command. For Christians, it is a voluntary submissiveness. Your Master has given you the permission to reject his blood purchase of you. Free will is the operative idea. I choose your way not my own because you are all wise and I don’t know everything.

And now, let’s go to the end of Jude. Go after those who hesitate in the faith and go the wrong way. Be tender with sinners but NOT soft on sin. People sin. Our family member’s sin. We sin. We, as Christians need to love the sinner and hate the sin. And, hopefully, others will do the same for us. We need to be submissive and lovingly seek to communicate Gods love to sinners.