Live Big this Christmas!

Dec 13, 2015

It takes about five minutes with me to form the opinion that I'm probably one of those high energy Christmas lovers. The ones with lights everywhere, cookies constantly in the oven, gifts wrapped and ready for unexpected visitors. That's just me...I'm high spirited and vibrant. So, naturally the holidays would be no exception for my energy, right?

Growing up, I lived with my great grandmother. She did an outstanding job of parenting me, and making everything so, so special. Stockings filled to the brim with assorted things from the dollar store, and she would even wrap me up a secret pal gift to leave on "our" pew at church. While we were certainly not wealthy, I would have never known. She could always make everything special, beautiful, and memorable. Her desire to live such a beautifully crafted life stemmed from her overwhelmingly love for the Lord and their inspiring relationship. She wanted to get to Heaven, and tell God that she had valued and appreciated her time on earth.

I want to encourage you all to live like my great grandmother this holiday season. This might sound like a strange request, seeing as how you've likely never met her! Live big, passionately, and generously. Use this festive time of year to make extra special memories with your family and friends. Take time to reach out to those in your community who are without. Have a grateful heart that is an example to others in your life. Remember, that money doesn't equal happiness. Most importantly, never forget the reason for the season.